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Full Story About Palestine !

Sawt El Ghad - Palestine , was founded in 25 Sept. 2004 licensed by the Ministry of communications and Information technology, and is broadcasting on 105.0 FM.

In the beginning, Sawt El Ghad - Palestine (The Voice of Tomorrow) was established by a young man who believed in the importance of youth and their active role in the community. It cares and supports youth and women's issues in an attempt to solve their problems, meet their needs and support their innovations, ideas and projects by promoting for them via radio.

Sawt El Ghad - Palestine cares for the Palestinian folklore and is involved in the production of works of art heritage and community radio serials.

Sawt El Ghad - Palestine is considered as a source of strength for its impact on citizens. It is known for its high transparency and credibility. It has a special status for being free-standing and independent among all other radio stations.

It is competing with the rest of the radio stations on the quality of the programs it broadcasts and the variety of means of communication with the audience, such as: The free call service 1800105105, which allows listeners to communicate with the radio for free in order to gain greater possible audience for the advertisers in our radio and the quality of services provided by the big companies in Palestine. International calling service radio on Skype account : ( ghad.ps ) to receive calls from listeners outside Palestine and all countries of the world. It also provides this unique service inside Palestine, where it gained the admiration of our listeners who lives abroad because it has allowed them to communicate with the radio for free.

Sawt El Ghad is ranked first on Radios and TVs on facebook in Palestine, and second on the palestinian media after alquds newspaper.